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NTK Outlaw Poster

The 1st NTK Outlaw race was held Sunday Jan. 6th. It was well attended with a large number of out of town racers, total entry count was 73.

Visit to view complete results, comparison charts & lap times.

Kid Kart

Kid Kart
1st Parker Brown
2nd Ethan Burden
3rd James Good
4th Jakob Williams

Mini Max

Mini Max
1st Chris Clark
2nd Nathan Adds
3rd Sky Richardson

Jr Super Sportsman

Jr Super Sportsman
1st Jacob Laney
2nd Lance Brogdon

Jr 1

Jr 1
1st Joe Taylor
2nd  Wyatt Manes
3rd Zack King
4th Karl Rupp
5th Bailey Ring
6th Cordero Torres
7th Allen Nicholson
8th Richy Yates
9th Megan Ring
10th Michael Bartholomew
11th Seth Blake
12th Austin Deras
13th Rachel Welch
14th Corbin Williams

Rotax Jr

Rotax Junior
1st Clint Korte
2nd Gabriel Bargas
3rd Alex Tartaglia
4th Chaz Nagel
5th Andrew Perkins
6th Alex Kerkove
7th Connor Iseli
8th Markus Payne

Tag Jr

Tag Jr
1st Collin Haun
2nd Zach Tippett

Tag Cadet 1

Tag Cadet 1
1st Bailey Ring
2nd Beck Duggleby
3rd Allen Nicholson
4th Michael Schneider
5th Cole Glasson
6th Hannah Williams
7th Gunnr Murphy
8th Michael Meek
9th Jessie woodward
10th Seth Blake

Rotax Intl

Rotax Intl
1st Sheridan Odom
2nd Justin Howe
3rd James Goldston

Rotax Masters

Rotax Masters
1st Clayton Auston
2nd DJ Ortiz
3rd Heinz Meyer
4th Mike Foster
5th Kevin Adds
6th Bruce Heller

Yamaha Heavy

Yamaha Heavy
1st Kyle Riedel
2nd Chuck Faillace
3rd Chuck Jensen
4th David Munden
5th Phylicia Threadgill
6th Marvin McCarty


Bracket 1
1st Chris Johns

Bracket 2

1st Larry Mayo


Shifter 125cc Stock
1st Nick Lucido
2nd Jordan Musser
3rd Chris Jennings

Shifter Group 1
1st Roy Schellenberger

Tag Sr

Tag Senior
1st Sean Owens
2nd Mike Jones
3rd A.J. Haun
4th Eric Bartholomew
5th Chad Riley
6th Chuck Keding

Tag Masters

Tag Masters
1st Dave Pauly
2nd Bill Boyce
3rd Michael Meek
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2009 Super Nationals XIII

Michael Schumacher & DJ Ortiz
Michael Schumacher
and DJ Ortiz

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