KRS 2009 Race Season

Written by KRS owner and pilot DJ Ortiz - 9 time KART and IKF National Champion.

Kart Racing Solution's 2009 season was a great success on and off the track. The pilots for KRS (see list below) won many national, regional and local championships during the season

NTK Maxwell Paper Products Winter Series
The season began at our local track at North Texas Karters (NTK) with the Maxwell Paper Products (Rod Smith) Winter Series. Multiple KRS pilots scored many wins and took some cash home.

Many raced locally at our club level. Lance Brogdon dominated the 2009 Junior Super Sportsman class with TCRE engine power, also competing were Bob Schabel, Reg Richardson and Lori Richardson.

Road Racing
The SWRA racing season was an awesome venue for our drivers with most of them contending for and wining regional and national titles. Congratulations to Adam Kelly, Sean Kelleher, Cole Glasson and Gabe Bargas for wining regional and national titles.

Sprint Racing
Other KRS drivers went on to race the regional and national circuits. The sprint season at NTK and SWRC was a great venue for Sheridan Odom, Cole Glasson, Miguel Lopez, Kinsley Cook, Kaiden Cook, Lance Brogdon, Bob Schabel, Reg Richardson, Lori Richardson, and DJ Ortiz. The regional season began at MSR Houston, it was a very wet weekend keeping drivers in the pits. Racing in the rain and in the dry during the weekend. A few scoring a win and most KRS pilots scoring podium finishes during the weekend.

The season went on to OMC the future spot for the RMax 2009 National Championship. KRS pilots ran well during the OMC weekend. Next on our schedule was the Rotax Summer Shootout a preview of the Rotax Max National event. This event is used to measure pilots against some of the best rotax drivers in the USA before the final test. Most pilots ran well during this event, DJ Ortiz (Owner) got injured during the race. The rib injury took him out of the seat for the rest of the 2009 season. The sprint season ended at the US Rotax Grand National Championship for most drivers, in which Cole Glasson, Kinsley Cook, Kaiden Cook, Lance Brogdon, Sheridan Odom participated. Congratulations to Cole Glasson on his top ten result. Cole also ran in the Race of America and the CKI Grand Championship in the cadet class.

2009 Super Nationals XIII, Las Vegas, NV
The season ended at Las Vegas at the SKUSA Super Nationals XIII. Miguel Lopez arrived at the El Rio hotel ready to attack the track on Wednesday morning. The day began very well. Miguel was very competitive both days during practice. With a few more changes and track analysis by DJ Ortiz the top 20 looked possible. We ran well in qualifying hopefully taking a spot in the top 20. During tech we were informed that a new header ID was mandatory for the event. Ending with a DQ for the ID on the exhaust. It was not the best news but we kept our heads high and continued working at it for the rest of the weekend. Miguel bent an axle during the first lap of the LCQ terminating his chances to move on to the final event. Congratulations to Miguel and his family for the great sportsmanship and desire to win. Miguel is looking forward to the 2010 racing season.

The highlight of the event for many of us was meeting all the Official Drivers for the Tony Kart team including Michael Schumacher (7 time Formula 1 champion), Marco Ardigo (2 time World Karting Champion), Gary Catt, Cody Hodgson, Alex Speed, Eduardo Martin, Andre Martin. Thank you to the Tony Kart folks for the great event.

Kart racing Solutions is the a dealer for both Margay Karts (USA) and Tony Kart (Italy). Now with TCRE on board for TAG, Yamaha, and Rotax engine program the 2010 season looks very promising for all KRS pilots. The 2009 season was great the 2010 is going to be absolutely awesome. Please check out the pictures.

Kart Racing Solutions Pilots

Adam Kelly
Kinsley Cook
Cole Glasson
Dain Hutton
Jacob Symack
Hannah Williams 
Miguel Lopez
Kaiden Cook
Lance Brogdon
Sheridan Odom
Gabe Bargas 
Sean Kelleher
Bob Schabel
Reg Richardson
Lori Richardson
Heinz Meyer
DJ Ortiz

I would like to say thanks to each and every pilot, friend, brother, sister, mom, dad and every family member for their support in 2009. Also to Mike Beason, Jonathan Beason, Keith Freber (Margay), Andre Martin, Eduardo Martin (Tony Kart USA), Dave Pauly (3G), Bob Schabel, Yaani-Mai Gaddy (webmaster) and George Shear (TCRE) for their support and friendship. Could not have done it with out you folks. I greatly appreciate all you folks have done for me. George Shear TCRE is a Rotax Service Center in association with DJ Ortiz and with the help and support from Garry Lobaugh (MRP Motorsports) we will do our best to provide you with the best service we can offer.

Best Regards and Happy holidays to all.