2011 IKF Road Racing Nationals Report
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Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Team KRS participation at the 2011 IKF Road Race Nationals at Eagles Canyon in Decatur, Texas was fantastic. All karts had on board Total Concept Racing Engines prepared by George Shear. Thank you George for the awesome engine power. Adam Kelley (driver),Thomas Jackson (rookie driver) and DJ Ortiz (owner, coach and driver) all finished on the podium in all the classes entered. A total of 7 podium finishes.

The event started on Wednesday June 15, 2011, holding a practice day and 2 races later in the afternoon. Adam and DJ raced the Rotax Heavy class, the very last class of the day with temperatures above the 100 plus mark. It was a standing start, Adam's kart would not accelerate off the line with the rest of the group. With a small disadvantage on the start Adam had to drive on the edge during the whole race to a second place finish, great driving Adam. DJ had a better start than Adam,  but not as great as the others front runners who led the group to the first turn. Falling behind a few seconds DJ drove to the back bumper of the leaders able to drive and pass both of them. One of the drivers making a desperate banking pass on DJ send both drivers onto a spin of the track. Allowing the rear of the field to pass both of them. DJ was able to come out of the off road ride with out any major damage. Falling behind once more, and with another great drive to the bumper of the leader Honeywell and making a pass and holding the lead to the checkered flag. DJ won another Duffy and becoming an IKF Expert driver during this event. Team KRS finished the race P1 and P2 on Wednesday.

Thursday June 16, 2011 was another extremely hot day. temperatures reaching the 100 's in early morning. Scheduled to race the KT 100 sprint heavy DJ Ortiz was exhausted and dehydrated from the 3 days before leading to the event. Withdrawing from the event and having a very competitive kart sitting in the trailer he asked rookie driver Thomas Jackson if he was up to the task. Without any hesitation Thomas said, "YES!". I (DJ) finish preparing the kart for the race. A few changes have to be made since the driver weight difference was 35 lbs. The kart was good during practice and Thomas did a great job competing with some of the best Yamaha drivers in the area and driving it to a 3rd place finish. In the same day Adam running the TAG Heavy class finished 2nd in both heats. Great job for Adam and Thomas

Friday was another hot day. In the Rotax Lt class Adam had some clutch issues making the standing start a very difficult one driving to a fourth place finish. Thomas in the Yamaha LT class drove the kart to the top of the podium and making a statement coming from behind racing against Honeywell, Harris and others class veterans. Congratulations to Thomas in winning one of the most prestigious awards in karting "The Duffy" in only his 7th race. Great job to both.

Saturday, Adam raced in the TAG LT class scoring a 3rd place finished.
Great job to all KRS drivers and friends.

I would like to say thank you to George and Jere Shear (TCRE) for their friendship and support and the awesome engine power. Also to Nate Grendell and Cody Hodgson from Ocala Gran Prix for their help and advice and to Bob and Linda Stallings for their kart support. Thank you to all, we could not have done it without you folks.
For a full race report go to Ekartingnews.com web site under news -June 15, 16,17,18 IKF RR nationals Report. Also thank you to SWRA organization and IKF officials for the awesome job.

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