NTK $Outlaw$ 3 Results
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Friday, 08 February 2008
NTK Outlaw Poster

Beautiful weather and a building excitement for the chase for the "Bounty" attributed to 79 entries, the largest entry count to date, for the NTK $Outlaw$ 3 race held on Sunday  February 10th.

Go to  RaceLaps.com to view these and past series results, comparison charts & lap times.

Kid Kart

Kid Kart
1st Jakob Williams
2nd Ethan Burden
3rd Parker Brown
4th James Goode
5th Emery Potts
6th Lawson Nagel

Mini Max

Mini Max
1st Chris Clark
2nd Miguel Lopez
3rd Nathan Adds
4th Sky Richardson
5th Kensley Cook

Jr Super Sportsman

Jr Super Sportsman
1st Jacob Laney
2nd Lance Brogdon

Jr 1

Jr 1
1st Joe Taylor
2nd Bailey Ring
3rd Wyatt Maness
4th Zack King
5th Cordero Torres
6th Allen Nicholson
7th Karl Rupp
8th Seth Blake
9th Logan Bearden
10th Megan Ring
11th Richy Yates
12th Michael Bartholomew
13th Brandon Pierce
14th Austin Deras
15th Corbin Williams
16th Jacob Symank

Rotax Jr

Rotax Junior
1st Jake French
2nd Clint Korte
3rd Alex Kerkove
4th Andrew Perkins
5th Alex Tartaglia 
6th Chaz Nagel
7th Connor Iseli
8th Markus Payne
9th Kaiden Cook
10th Gabriel Bargas
11th Azaly Marquez

Tag Jr

Tag Jr
1st Zach Tippett

Tag Cadet 1

Tag Cadet 1
1st Bailey Ring
2nd Beck Duggleby
3rd Michael Schneider
4th Hannah Williams
5th Jacob Loomis
6th Jacob Symank
7th Michael Meek
8th Jessie Woodward
9th Gunnr Murphy
10th Cole Glasson
11th Allen Nicholson
12th Seth Blake

Rotax Intl

Rotax Intl
1st Justin Howe

Rotax Masters

Rotax Masters
1st DJ Ortiz
2nd Clayton Auston
3rd Heinz Meyer
4th Kevin Adds
5th Greg Masterman
6th Bill Tice
7th Steve Fithian

Yamaha Heavy

Yamaha Heavy
1st Kyle Riedel
DQ Mike Jones (weight)
DQ Chris Johns (weight)
DQ Phylicia Treadgill (weight)


Shifter 125cc Stock
1st Nick Lucido
2nd Jordan Musser
3rd Chris Jennings
4th Louis Gigliotti

Shifter Group 1
1st Roy Schellenberger

Tag Sr

Tag Senior
1st Taylor Stawicki
2nd Garrett Bailey
3rd Colton Farrell
4th Robert Keding
5th Clayton Auston
6th Eric Kitchell

Tag Masters

Tag Masters
1st Troy Woodyard
2nd Michael Meek
3rd Ron Hagerman