KRS and Margay Pilots Dominate at SWRA and NTK Events
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Sunday, 06 April 2008
SWRA KRS Margay Team

Enduro Racing
The SWRA event at Motorsport Ranch at Cresson was a great weekend for KRS and Margay pilots. The TAG cadet class, running Gazelles engines was very competitive.  For the first time on a road racing course (1.3 miles), Cole Glasson, KRS newest and youngest pilot proved again that he means business.  After a few practice laps on a green and wet course on Friday Cole was in the hunt for fast times.  After a few gear changes and some motor tuning Cole won the Saturday race!  The Sunday race presented different weather and racing circumstances. It turned out into a beautiful hot and sunny day. With that said our carburetor settings were off on Sunday, but Cole gave us his best with a second place finished.  Awesome driving kid.  Congratulations Cole! SWRA Logo Moving on to the TAG Senior Class (Lt) running the 3.1 course mile. On the first heat, Sean Kelleher piloting a New Margay 1.7 Kart for the first time dominated the field by 10 plus seconds, DJ Ortiz said "Sean was on a different Zip Code, setting the fastest time for the class!".  Heinz Meyer (Margay/Rotax pilot) finished 3rd and DJ Ortiz ( Margay/ Rotax) finished 8th after a very brutal and exciting race with 10 pilots fighting for second spot.  Second heat, Sean Kelleher picked up the lead and left the field battling for second, on the last lap he lost the Power Valve (Rotax engine) and finished 11th or so

Combined results from Saturday heats - Heinz Meyer 3rd, DJ Ortiz 5th (DJ racing for the first time on the new course) and Sean Kelleher 11th. Sean also raced the Rotax Lt class.  While running at the front of the pack the exhaust gasket leaked out exhaust and melted the new Power Valve components, taking Sean Kelleher out of the race. Thank you Sean for the awesome job piloting the New 1.7 Margay kart. The Sunday TAG Senior Heavy Class was dominated by DJ Ortiz( Margay/Rotax) pilot and owner of KRS.  DJ Ortiz won both heats in the TAG Heavy class. Heinz Meyer finishing 3rd. race results and lap times.
Sprint Racing
Spring 3 @ NTK - Racing the Junior Rotax at NTK in Denton Texas, Andrew Perkins (KRS/Margay) pilot dominated the qualifying pre final and final heat.  Congratulations Andrew!

NTK Spring 3 race results
KRS would to like say thank you to all the pilots and theirs families for the awesome weekend and their support.  Also to all our sponsors and business partners.  Triage for pediatrics, Margay Racing products, Beason Motorsports (Rotax engines), Total Concept Racing Engines (Gazelle Engines).